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This page introduces our advertising and sponsored articles services provided by DIGI LINE.

We support your business marketing with professional writing for products & services review / posting sponsored articles and direct advertising on the space as paid services.

Sponsored Article Advertising Services

Service itemsPriceEstimated timeRemarks
Publishing serviceAskOne weekThe article is prepared by the client.
All articles shall be completed Japanese native written text and it is not accepted machine translated text.
We can also support English -> Japanese translations with additional fees.
Review posting serviceAskTwo weeksAll necessary products and accounts for review shall be provided by client.
writing service
AskTwo weeksAll necessary products and accounts for review shall be provided by client.

The number of characters are depending on the target products/services, but it is about 2,000 to 6,000 characters.

Also, if you have specific request for product/service images (photos), keywords, etc., we can arrange to include them as much as possible.

As “DIGI LINE” policy, we provide REAL information to our subscribers therefore we will write contents without any cheating information but true feeling while we experienced and felt.

  • If you prepare all the articles, please make sure that all texts are original. Duplicate content with other sites will be a penalty on SEO, so we will not accept it.
  • All articles related for adults/porn, cigarettes, gambling (e.g. money trading/sports betting/online casino), fortune-telling, alcohol, information service (e.g. consulting for earning money), religions, other spiritual services, and the article nothing to relate with “DIGI LINE”, are not accepted.
  • Some other sponsor links (e.g. Google Ads) are included in the article.
  • We do NOT give Five Star Rating Review regardless product/service quality.

PR History

This site mainly writes articles about blogger’s life experience.

In that regard, we have received requests for PR articles from many companies.

SwitchBot Co., Ltd.

We supported SwitchBot which is very famous smart home product manufacturer, and we have reviewed and posted all their products series.

SwitchBot has a wide lineup of bots, lighting, curtains, humidifiers, etc. that other manufacturers do not have, and it is attractive that anyone can enjoy smart homes easily and inexpensively.



NordVPN is famous for VPN services in the world.

You may have the impression that VPN is difficult, but it’s a very interesting and plug-n-play service that it’s really easy to realize secure communication.


Dell Inc.

Dell, one of the world’s largest technology companies, we participated the monitor of the ambassador program and actually borrowed a high-end monitor to review the product.

It’s an ultra-wide monitor that I haven’t been able to get my hands by this time. It was amazing products and best fit for work-from-home.


BenQ Japan Co., Ltd.

With BenQ, a well-known manufacturer of LCD monitors for PCs, we had a trial of a 4K monitor and conducted a preliminary review of the new model EW2880U in December 2021 before official release.

After all, a good monitor will improve work efficiency, and it will rise you up when sitting in your desk with this monitor.

It makes me to say, “Good Monitor creates Good Work.”

BenQ 4Kモニター(EW2880U)レビュー:仕事にもプライベートにも大活躍の1台!

Others PRs

In addition to above, we have made many PR articles at the request of companies regarding products / services that make our lives more convenient.

ソリティア スパイダーが遊べる無料サイト【PR】
フリーで使えるおすすめPDF編集ソフト「EaseUS PDF editor」無料で結合/分割/Excel変換までできちゃう【PR】

Some of the articles written in the past have been evaluated in terms of SEO, such as being searched on the first page by Google search, and the effect of search influx can be expected.

Advertising Space

It is available for monthly advertising contract only. 

Due to that we are using automatic advertising using Google Adsense, the posting positions and costs that can be supported are as follows.

numberAd typeAd sizeMonthly
impression reference
Ad spase 1 (広告 1)Square600 x 28054,773
Ad spase 3 (広告 3)Square600 x 28055,135
Ad spase 4 (広告 4)Square600 x 28047,561
Ad spase 5 (広告 5)Square600 x 28037,266
Ad spase 8 (広告 8)Side-following large scraper336 x 60015,056
As of April 2021, we do not guarantee the latest number of accesses.
  • Client shall prepare appropriate sized banner material.

Page View / Unique user / User attributes

The results in Google Analytics are below.

Monthly access count

We do not guarantee the latest number of accesses.

In DIGI LINE, the main categories are “Home Gadgets”, “Life Service”, “Educations”. In addition, articles in a wide range of genres such as “Smart Home”, “Mobile service”, and “New technology” are published.

* The maximum simultaneous access has recorded more than 100 people.

User attributes

Most of the site visiting user are male in 20 to 50 ages, but many articles related to life service and educations are visited regardless of gender.

In addition, nearly 90% of the users are Unique New Visitors from Search Engines.

Amazon Wish list

Taka’s Amazon “Wish List” is open to the public.

If you would like us to review the gadgets listed here (if they are other gadgets as well), please feel free to contact us and we will create a product introduction article.

Invoice and Payments

Regarding article writing, the client will confirm / acknowledge the contents at the time of delivery and then we will issue an invoice by e-mail or via Paypal.

If official form is required, please contact us.

For all monthly advertisements, it is required advance payment. We also accept contracts on a multi-month basis, so please feel free to contact us.

All payment shall be done by Paypal in JPY.